Root Causes

A poem i wrote for a friend’s blog…she is trying to raise awarenes about food poverty


Root Causes

These roots are strong tough tubers.

These roots have dug in deep while we beat about the bush.

These roots are starting to crack up the pavements.

These roots are making big damn hummocks that you can trip over

Crevices to fall into.

These roots are making the foundations of your house unsafe.

Cracking walls

Someone comes along with a chainsaw.


But those roots

Those tubers are strong and established.

The poor struggle to feed the poorer.

This is thin soil

This is stony ground

When your landlord hike up your rent

You don’t move

Your roots are established

Can’t afford to move

Can’t find somewhere cheap to take on your benefits

Mental health problems pull you down?

Sanctioned for missing your Job Seekers appointment

When you can’t leave the house

And you haven’t got phone credit

Can’t explain the streets are bent out of shape and

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