How Filled With Ghosts novella began


Filled with Ghosts is set in Southern Spain, and the characters’ lives initially intertwine due to their close proximity in a small village, before a number of events and a death or two make it hard for them to escape each other. Attempts to escape while others attempt to prevent it is central to the book; the things that bind the characters are as strong as the need to escape.

The characters are given short chapters in each of the four sections of the book to express their view of what is happening. Sometimes stories overlap, and it isn’t always easy to tell when something is merely in the mind of the characters, as for very different reasons, each of them has a tenuous grip on what might be called ‘reality.’
The book began as a ten minute play I wrote in a Script Writing for the Theatre course.I set the play in Spain, and the main character was a woman who thought she’d found a guru who would understand her ‘mystical experiences.’ These experience are what most people would consider psychotic episodes. The short play was a fictionalized account of a psychotic episode I unfortunately experienced while living in Spain. Three of the characters in Filled With Ghosts are developed from characters in the play, and a version of the guru incident is seeded in the book.


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