Book Launch

This is my book launch..exciting times..

















Book cover for Filled With Ghosts

Just remembered i was going to chat less Facebook and do more on here! Well the book is shaping up nicely..this is the drawings and the publisher’s design..I am so very happy with it…few bits to do..acknowledgements, bit of blurb for back cover..and credit a couple of poems that appear in the novella and were previously published elsewhere…good times…


Attempting new method…what can go wrong?

I have never typed poetry/ prose directly into my lap top. I absolutely hate ‘typing up’ though, so it occurs to me that now my typing speed is faster than ‘PVA glue slowly drying while you watch’..maybe i will give it a go. I am 10,000 words into my new novel/novella..and have been handwriting and typing up each day this week. For Filled with Ghosts I wrote by hand and then typed up the 65,000 words before diving into/cutting out and structuring it. Going to attempt new method..for today at least….this illustration is one of twelve i did for Filled with Ghosts in one of it’s incarnations. This is one of five that i didn’t submit with the manuscript.

2014-06-17 13.17.28