Kazvina has danced, painted, sculpted, taught, written books. submitted poems and got them published. read on stages. Danced on stages. Made friends. Had partners and a child. Driven motorbikes and cars. Visited many countries, hitched, blagged, loved, and enjoyed.
Sometimes kazvina hears voices that no one else does, sees roads ripple in front of her, and houses crumble when she walks down the street. So she doesn’t walk down the street. Or talk to people, because she has no idea what will come out of her own mouth. Sometimes she feels extreme pain when she has to look at someone, speak to someone, even in a shop for 30 seconds. She sometimes fights with herself so as not to lie down in traffic, or throw herself off the edge of something.  She doesn’t think anything is real, and if it’s real, why does the ending keep changing. And why can nobody see what she sees, hear what she sees?


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