Twist Cap Open


Today was Bollocky Bollox..but I just remembered the good thing: 4 Budweiser down to £3 in Sainsbury .that were TWIST CAP OPEN…not only is this good for anyone who doesn’t carry a bottle opener around with them (I’ve been known to ) ..BUT it means those people who casually open their beers by hand on Sons of Anarchy etc..probably had TWIST CAP OPEN bottles. I feel less of a wuss now..because I’ve always just bled when I’ve tried to do it. it’s like striking a match on the ass of your jeans..doesn’t work with safety matches. When I was a teen, my claim to fame was rolling a spliff with one hand while holding the waist of a motor cyclist with the other… on a bike I mean..not strolling down the High Street…….

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