Still Manic

I thought I’d gone into slump mode as I was feeling disheartened yesterday, and not able to take in Facebook and its many lives. Seems I’m not slumping though. Today I finished my advent calendar which for reasons best known to..well no one… I felt like doing. Then I sent a short story to an anthology that gives the proceeds to animal rescue of one sort or another. I don’t ever like my short stories, so I either send them off as soon as they’re written or I end up chucking them. Well this one’s sent, so there you go.
Now I’m to write blurbs for Books 2 and 3. Book 2 will be out in January, Book 3..further down the line. Going to start draft three tomorrow. That should be the last of the Filled with Ghosts series… a trilogy is quite a nice shape.


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