Talking to Blog is like Talking to Dog


I’m giving the dogs a break by talking to Blog. Dogs are very thankful; they can get on with worrying about where their next treat is coming from instead of whether or not my sanity is intact.
The Advent calendars are finished and I’m pleased as a fish in a coral reef. Last time I made them was with my nephews, but who needs nephews when you can make Advent calendars without them?
I realised today, after being sober for Eleven Days, that my really hopeless memory is not down to wine; it’s just a hopeless memory. I can remember things that happened a while ago, but not five minutes ago. Luckily I write stuff down, often illegibly, always mixing the vital with the irrelevant. But hey, it’s a system. And the purpose of this blog. A legible post it note. In case you were wondering. Or I was.

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