Stream of Consciousness Unedited

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Sitting on her doorstep, the neighbour is forming traps out of rusty wire and baiting them with something that  appears to be potato peelings, but could be a more tempting lure. I see the twisting, the pliars busily snapping. I imagine the blood reddening her fingers, the tetanus jab she didn’t have; her shying away from contact with anyone ‘in authority’ makes that inevitable. Her dog, a Golden Labrador, bred to respond, is quietened by a slap of her hands. My dogs are noisy and neurotic, silenced by the promise of treats. I keep coercion close at hand, in a jar.
For days at a time they’re the only living creatures I talk to; they’re easy to understand, uncomplicated, ready to forgive without bearing grudges. The neighbour isn’t so transparent. Whatever it was that turned her against me after the first couple of months, she isn’t letting on.





3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Unedited

  1. Have you tried asking her what she thinks you’ve done wrong? Or won’t she speak to you at all? Mind you, if she slaps her dogs and makes traps, she’s a person with some part of her heart turned to stone.

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    1. Don’t worry, the neighbour isn’t making traps, that’s just my head taking off from what’s going on around me to a potential villain in the new book. She is too boring in reality to get even a cameo role 🙂


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