I’ve been Thinking (unedited)

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I’ve been thinking how discovering one tiny thing, one obvious to anyone who has done it all before, can make a huge difference. Yesterday I had several files of poems (the physical kind, in poly-pockets. I like things physical) lurking, filed by date, 2012 to the present. I submit poems quite frequently, so the published ones are all highlighted so I don’t send them elsewhere; I note down where and when published, because that’s useful. But, now I’m getting a collection together, (it already has a home, so it’s a matter of deciding the order, chucking out or grabbing back others if I realise they don’t work together.)

So, the small but mind blowing  discovery? Collate the poems like a book. Have them face each other, find where they are happy to partner up with another poem. So damn obvious, but what a difference it’s made 🙂

8 thoughts on “I’ve been Thinking (unedited)

  1. You’re so organised! I agree with you about the physical poem. I keep mine on the computer and I don’t yet have a book, but a pocket folder is essential for ordering a reading. I can see it would be even more so for a book.

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  2. When I did readings my poems were all handwritten. I didn’t type up a poem until I first submitted a couple for Best of Manchester Poets. I didn’t have a computer. Filled with Ghosts was a handwritten journal. After I started getting a lot of work published I needed to have a system. I’ve had a couple of computer crashes that have wiped out everything, so I typed up all the handwritten stuff Collating the collection means that is vital 🙂


  3. Today was good . i think i know what I’m doing now. I’ve been putting off diving in…though usefully I tackled all that technology stuff last week to avoid starting poem sorting 🙂


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