Progress to Date

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Sixty-four poems remain in the folder I’ve confidently sharpie-penned ‘1st Collection’
It has found a title, which I’m keeping under wraps. Five or six poems are hanging on by the skin of their teeth and will probably be weeded out during the next ruthless round of decision making. I have been very ruthless to date: many a ‘favourite’ has been unceremoniously dumped because it isn’t what this particular book is about. Discovering what the book is about is a big step for me, as I’ve not thought about it while writing individual poems. I’ve never looked at them as a group before and wondered what my obsessions are outside the confines of the poem I’ve been working on. I realise that isn’t how it is for many writers: they write to a theme when working towards a collection. But it hadn’t occurred to me I was……..

2 thoughts on “Progress to Date

  1. My theme – not fitting in, being odd – didn’t turn up until I put the collection together. It came as a surprise to me, but after all I am a misfit so it’s natural for me to write misfit poems. I’m very excited that you have a title and a theme. Of course I’ll buy and review the book. It’ll be wonderful. xxx

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  2. It’s weird putting them together. i hadn’t really thought about how the order of poems makes a difference to reading them. I look forward to you reading it…you have probably seen a fair few one way or another xxx


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