Amy Winehouse’s Bees

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A writer friend and I were chatting about Amy in the early hours, and she said if she was a painter she would draw her with actual bees in her beehive, humming the songs, keeping her awake all night long. I loved that idea, especially as it sums up the way thoughts buzz your brain at 4am, and how brilliant it is when you can turn the dark thoughts into a piece of writing, music or art. So I drew this…..

4 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse’s Bees

    1. Thank you. I’m having chats with a local printer. I’m considering the idea of having some prints made available of some of my drawings….and indeed those poetry booklets…as well as the originals. It seems a good compromise. I still haven’t sorted an exhibition…but chatting to a Brighton friend who has a gallery. Things may come together yet 🙂 xxxx


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