Chicken Looks Like This

Uploading a picture is all I’ve the energy for this week; the puppies are wearing me out. Chicken still can’t touch ground outside for another week so I have to carry her and try not to be dragged off my feet by Noodles. Look how sweet she is though.








New Puppy

My new puppy Chicken arrives on Wednesday. The theory is she will be a good bud for my one year old dog Noodles, and I will be able to go out sometimes without a dog sitter. Noodles becomes a howling mess if left alone in the house for 5 minutes. Chicken is only 10 weeks old, as was Noodles when i first got him. I have one more day before everything is chewed up and pissed upon, for at least the next month. (or was it two?)

Double Vision

I am writing a short story about….my double vision! a strange phenomena that occurred a couple of weeks ago, and which i have got used to already. Over populated though the streets may be, with all those twins and matching dogs, i am taking it all in my stride. So this short story is going to WIN money..when i write it tonorrow. Then it will be worth it you see? Plus, I am getting a second rescue dog next week..she will need chicken (actually she is called Chicken…to go with my present dog Noodles) and she will need toys. Money. Money is needed.