New Puppy

My new puppy Chicken arrives on Wednesday. The theory is she will be a good bud for my one year old dog Noodles, and I will be able to go out sometimes without a dog sitter. Noodles becomes a howling mess if left alone in the house for 5 minutes. Chicken is only 10 weeks old, as was Noodles when i first got him. I have one more day before everything is chewed up and pissed upon, for at least the next month. (or was it two?)

Double Vision

I am writing a short story about….my double vision! a strange phenomena that occurred a couple of weeks ago, and which i have got used to already. Over populated though the streets may be, with all those twins and matching dogs, i am taking it all in my stride. So this short story is going to WIN money..when i write it tonorrow. Then it will be worth it you see? Plus, I am getting a second rescue dog next week..she will need chicken (actually she is called Chicken…to go with my present dog Noodles) and she will need toys. Money. Money is needed.